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"Answers in a Time of Miscarriage" Book

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22 Weeks!

Met Sarah Palin Yesterday!

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Miscarriage Book

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Book Update - August 5, 08

Book Update - August 4, 08

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Update on Book - and a Few Questions

BIG News!! Parents Can Register Names For Miscarried Babies in France!

Thank you for your help

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Planning to Write a Book

ANA levels are okay

Two Women of Faith

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Blood levels again

Update on the Blood Tests

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HCG levels down to 267- and pictures of Blessing

Got the results

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Answer to a Question

I am crying!

The results I got today


I have the most incredible news!

I think i might be hypoglycemic?

A friend going through miscarriage pain

Trusting the Lord with my miscarriage

My baby's life was not in vain

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Yesterday was good

Voice recital yesterday, ended in tears

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Thank you so much

Pregnancy nausea

I think I really am pregnant!!